who are we?

Graphic design is a field we’ve been bending and shaping since 2001 and to be honest, we love it! And so do our clients.

Countless normal working days become sleepless working nights. Morning coffees soon become late night coffees and sparkling, fresh eyes turn to red, sleepy eyes - all in front of a computer screen for our precious clients.

We’ve been doing this since day one and we wouldn’t change it for the world! The fig is now up and running in its own cozy space, full of energy and ready to hit you with fresh ideas for your business - no matter what size - or maybe just personal creative requests. 

what do we do?
Company identities, illustrations, packaging designs, posters, invitations, anything that can be printed on paper as well as anything that has to do with customized wedding and christening decorations...  even your own personal handwriting fonts!
how does it work?
You come over with your idea in person or by web >> we discuss it together over coffee and cookies >> we brainstorm/spy/research with our brain's right side working overtime >> we put things to paper and screen >> we have drafts that soon become final product >> you are happy, which makes us happy >> you come back for more and we all live happily ever after.​


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